Refinancing involves changing your home loan from one lender to another. NZ Finance Finders could assist by finding opportunities to reduce the amount of interest you pay, to access the equity that has built up in your home or get access to money saving features that you don’t have with your current loan.

Or perhaps you need to consolidate debt if you have several loans or outstanding debts. By taking out a new loan to wrap all your existing debts together and pay them off together, ideally at a lower interest rate to get out of debt faster, debt consolidation could save money and simplify life. Debt consolidation can make budgeting easier because there’s only one loan to manage. We will take the time to understand your financial position to find the right loan for your needs.


It makes sense in some cases to refinance your mortgage to a better interest rate so that you can pay off your loan faster and save money.

Debt Consolidation
Simplify your life and save money by wrapping your existing debts into one easy-to-manage loan.

Personal Loans
A Personal Loan can help you buy that new car or caravan, go on holiday or pay off credit card debt. We can source loans for whatever it is you need.
  • 100% NZ Owned and Operated since 1st July 1994.
  • We act independently of the banks and other financial institutions to ensure that you obtain a great deal.
  • We provide you with professional advice and liaise with your other professionals such as your accountant and lawyer where necessary to ensure that you have the right structure for your needs..
  • We assist you to work out how much you can af ford to borrow and the best repayment options.
  • Typically there is no cost to you as the lender that approves your loan pays us for successful applications. If we do need to charge a fee for any reason, you will be advised before we begin any work for you.
  • We work with a wide range of lenders, including major banks.
  • We negotiate with the lenders to ensure you have great interest rates and the right loan for your current financial position.
  • We remain available to help you with any loan queries you may have in the future – establishing a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.
Initial consultation (via phone, email or face to face) where we establish your goals and requirements
Information gathering to confirm your financial status
Detailed review of your financial position across different lenders and an assessment of appropriate deals available
Agree & Implement
Complete the necessary application including follow-up negotiations with lenders and adjustments if necessary
Finalise approval(s), arrange formal paperwork to be signed
Coordination of the settlement process.
Make your debt repayments manageable.
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